Adding Insight to Intuition

The best consumer research seeks to understand both the richness and contradictions of human experience. It strives to confirm or refute theories and intuition, or sometimes, to tear down the outdated models and rebuild something profound.

7th Sense digs deeper, harnessing human senses, intellect, and insights to meaningfully support the creation of better products and communications.


Established in 2002, 7th Sense is a premier market research company that specializes in unearthing insights and bringing them to life. Offering some of the most experienced research specialists in the business, 7th Sense blends both innovative and foundational approaches to qualitative, ethnographic, quantitative, and mixed-method research.

Our Story

We begin with the 5 human senses: the faculties by which the mind receives information about the world. Then we recognize the role of intuition: the 6th sense accounting for perception without conscious reasoning.  The creation of our name was designed as a follow-up to this 6th Sense.  7th Sense is a company that can be used to help validate or challenge a clients’ intuition by gathering and exploring the impressions of highly targeted consumer groups.


Advanced Product Clinics

Display prototypes to targeted consumers for evaluation within a representative environment, typically including current competitive product entries. Understand potential for category leadership based on consumer reaction to design, package, usability, etc.  Analyze data to provide actionable insights in order to refine and further develop products.

Quali-Quant Evaluations

Targeted quantitative evaluations of products or services in a central location, followed by qualitative discussions in small or large groups. Immediacy of qualitative feedback enables consumers to share insights while evaluations are ‘fresh’.

Online Quantitative Surveys

Surveys to understand consumer attitudes / preferences, determine market leaders, identify trends. Online approach allows short lead times for implementation and analysis, meeting client needs when turnaround time is paramount.

Ethnographic / Immersion / Observational Research

Interaction with, and observation of, consumers in key environments of their lives (home, car, etc.) to reveal values, beliefs and consumption patterns.  7th Sense encourages direct client participation which often enhances and deepens the learnings discovered.


An immersive, next-generation tool for conducting online research that helps make human experiences easier to access and understand by combining the convenience of the web, the interactivity of social media, and the pervasiveness of smartphones.

Data Sciences

Our Data Science division was created specifically to address the importance of providing a truly comprehensive analytics platform to marketing departments, and to create an ‘applied’ approach to data that combines science and consumer / client realities. Rather than using an existing, “one-size-fits-all” process to business objectives, 7th Sense aims to create a platform and client solutions that are 100% customized.

In-depth Qualitative Services

With a deep tool chest of projective and enabling techniques to directly and indirectly uncover the richness of consumer thoughts, feelings, and choices via discussion groups, workshops, triads, and 1x1 interviews. Industry-leading experience with over 30,000 qualitative sessions conducted since 7th Sense’s inception in 2002.


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Brook Dicriscio
Director, Project Management
Bryan Krulikowski
Partner & EVP, Quantitative & Strategic Research
Christina Kerr
Senior Accountant
Cindy Wolf
Office Manager
Drew Quinn
Senior Manager,
Digital Strategy & Insights
Greg Swando
VP, Quantitative Research
Jason Switzer
Senior Project Manager
Jennifer Van Buhler
Partner & VP, Project Management
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Jordan Holland
Research Associate
Kelly Van Kampen
Director, Project Management & Strategic Research
Lindsey Steffens
VP, Quantitative Research
Morgan Mesyn
Research Associate
Sandy Thornton
Senior Accountant
Stacey Shires
VP, Digital Strategy & Insights
Stefanie Gavin
Senior Director, Clinic Management

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Bu Wang
Office Administrator
Deb de Prendergast
Director, Project Management
Kyle Duda
Assistant Editor & A / V Technician
Lincoln Ruchti
Partner & VP, A / V
Matt Biondo
Senior A / V Technician
Mike Vogt
Director, Special Projects
Ming Zhang
SVP, Research & Data Sciences
Tyler Amos
Senior Vice President, Clinic Research


Laurie Voycey
VP, Qualitative Research
Nick Marnos
A / V Technician
Sloane Bernardin
Manager, Creative & Visualization
Warren Ciabattoni
Principal & Director, Qualitative Research


Lori Rinderer
Director, Digital Strategy & Insights
Mick O'Grady
VP, Strategic Research


Tricia Schultz Tulich
Partner & VP, Project Management


Anna Marchand
Survey Programmer

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Meghan Armbrecht
Senior Manager, Digital Strategy & Insights


Brad Baillie
VP, Data Processing
Mike Marcinko
Systems Analyst
Rebecca Brookes
Document Specialist
Todd Gillam
Partner & VP, Creative


Fergus McVey
Claire Harding
Managing Director, UK
Charley Lennard
Research Executive
Joel Millard
Research Manager
Sven Kasser
Research Executive
Will Folan-Conray
Research Director




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